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Tripod Pole Assembly viewing vertical picture on easel


Close up of the Tripod Pole Assembly


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MiScope Extended Field Tripod Pole Assembly Attachment

The MiScope extended field tripod pole assembly attachment is an affordable way to perform non-contact imaging with your MiScope Megapixel EF and see up to a 3 inch field of view. Attach the assembly with a quick attachment to your tripod (not included) and place your MiScope Megapixel 2 Extended Field (not included) in the included 3-prong holder. Then image at larger fields of view with the 38 inch extension pole, and easily zoom in for greater magnification with the included course and fine focus block.

The assembly has 2-axis positioning, and 3-axis is available using your tripod height adjustment.

When used with the extended field of view MiScope-MP2EF or MiScope-MP2EF-WUVIR the tripod assembly allows for an adjustable field of view as large as 3 inches across at 5x magnification, and can zoom in up to 124x magnification when your MiScope MP2EF is close to your object. 6 ft Extension cable for MiScope included.


When using the Tripod Pole Assembly at the largest field of view, auxiliary lighting may be required. The included dual flexible arm LEDs will add white light for directional lighting on your object.

Use the MISC-MP2EF or MISC-MP2EF-WUVIR flat on your object when you want higher magnification.

When using MiScope MP2EF-WUVIR on a tripod assembly, do not use the UV or IR LEDs.

Warning: Infrared and ultraviolet light is harmful. Do not expose eyes or skin to rays.



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Tripod Pole Assembly for MiScope MP2EF for non-contact imaging of horizontal samples


MiScope Extender Pole Assembly with 38" extension pole and fine focus block with tripod quick release, dual flexible gooseneck LED lights, and clamp for Miscope Megapixel 2 Extended Field, and 6 foot extension cable.


(MiScope Megapixel 2 Extended Field sold separately and Tripod not included)

One year warranty.