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Measurement Grid with Holder

This Metric Grid has a 10 X 10 Matrix of .7mm X .7mm Squares. One square is further divided into a 10 X 10 Matrix of .07mm Squares. The Grid Line Widths are .001”± .0001” (.025mm±.0025mm).

The Pattern can be in direct contact with the object to be measured. The MGrid can be used to calibrate your MiScope or digital microscope. The holder can be used to raise your MiScope to be even with the MGrid when calibration of a flat object (like paper).

The Reticle Pattern is very durable, double layer, deposited evaporative Chrome/Chrome Oxide, for a reflectivity of less than 5% looking at the pattern. The Patterns on all Reticles manufactured are replicated from Precision Chrome on Glass Tooling under clean room conditions.



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Measurement grid for MiScope and MiScope Megapixel 2. Use MGrid to calibrate MiScope to accurately use measurement tools in Video ToolBox imaging software.






  Measurement Grid with holder used to calibrate when using on flat surface (like to calibrate measurement of paper)  
  • Accurate reference pattern for precise calibration

  • Diameter: 21mm
  • Pattern: Whipple Grid
  • Unit of measure:mm


  • Optional for MiScope; MiScope-SW; MiScope-IR; MiScope-UV; MiScope-UVIR; MiScope-MP2; MiScope-MP2-IR; MiScope-MP2-UV; MiScope-MP2-WUVIR