MI-HDMI-V5 dual output digital video microscope- TriScope


Base Types

Product Details

MI-HDMI-V5 digital video microscope (TriScope) has 3 MP camera, magnifies at 30fps. Output is to 5" attached video monitor, or to HDMI monitor, or to Windows PC 7/8/10. In video mode capture is to micro-SD card (not included), and when connected to PC via USB includes Video Toolbox PRO PC Software for interactive still, movie, time lapse capture, live display, live measurement, draw-on, label features.  Includes compact adjustable stand with built-in LEDs and adjustable focus knob. Has AC adapter or you can connect to PC via USB port (stand lights require AC adapter or separate USB port). You can image from 2-6 inches away from your object. 

MI-HDMI-V5-002 has a solid, stationary base.

MI-HDMI-V5REV-002 has viewing base and rolling wheels to image over a case for focus located below stand.

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