Video Toolbox Premier Software

$99.00 $325.00


Product Details

Video Toolbox Premier PC Software is our newest and most extensive software which works with all our products and is available as an upgrade to VTB PRO software.

It includes all the features of VTB PRO Software and also has calibrated overlays, side by side comparisons, edge detection (for better measurement and calibration), multi-point shape fitting, un-distort window, magnifier window (to have large image and zoomed in image in same picture), arrow key and mouse wheel control for precise positioning of measurement tools, filters to isolate single color components. 

VTBPRE-DG-003 Video ToolBox Premier PC Software with USB key to move to different computers $325

VTBPREup-011 Upgrade to VTB Premier for current VTB PRO users for $99

VTBCAD-00 Optional CAD overlays plug-in for $135 (purchased separately)

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