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Superior Digital Imaging from New Jersey since 2001

Zarbeco, LLC designs and builds portable digital microscopes priced for all budgets. Our premium models are USB 3 powered with up to 13 megapixels, 360x magnification and resolution close to 1 micron. Multi-spectral options including white, ultraviolet and near infrared models all in one unit. They can be used with desktops, laptops and mobile devices, and can share images with screen sharing technology when working remotely.  

Our easy to use software lets you capture images, movies, time lapse with precision measurement and enhancement features. Join our customers worldwide who appreciate the importance of image quality.

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Forensic Science

Solutions for forensic scientists for document examination, latent prints, trace evidence in your agency, a lab, or the courtroom. 

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Art Conservation

For artists, conservationists, preservationists to image pigments, authentic artwork, and historic books in their studio or a museum. 

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Manufacturing, quality control, inspection, or documentation for the factory floor, your lab, or out in the field or at another location

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