The MiScope

The MiScope ® puts digital imaging in the palm of your hand. Lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use, it's the perfect tool.

Our new MiScope Megapixel MP3 resolves to less than 1.7 microns and with USB 3 connection can record at up to 60 frames per second. That means you can clearly see the ink toner speckle sitting on paper fiber or you can record and play back fruit flies fluttering their wings.

We bring quality across the spectrum. Multi-spectral imaging is available with UV/IR LEDS, or a filter wheel with 8 barrier filters and two excitation light sources, among many of our exciting accessories.


All-in-one imaging suite

Taking an image is only the beginning. Zarbeco digital microscopes come with Video ToolBox ® Imaging software to allow you to capture still images, movies, and time lapse. You can timestamp, label for documentation, annotate, and measure with precision.

Our VTB Pro software offers 16 additional modes of measurement, enhancement, and editing of your images, plus transparent non-destructive overlays.

For discerning scientists, VTB Premier adds calibrated overlays, precision measurement tools with edge detection, color filters, side-by-side comparison, distortion correction, and optional CAD file overlays. Talk to us about customizing VTB for your needs!

Our Story

Twenty years ago, we decided the outdated models of microscopes needed a makeover. Simplicity for the consumer, and functionality “right out of the box” so you don't have to be a microscope scientist to figure it all out.

We hand produce every microscope in our facility in New Jersey, customizing the MiScope to fit your needs.


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