Art Conservation/Restoration

Art conservators, art restorers, architects, curators, museum administrators, art appraisers, archaeologists, anthropologists, researchers, and scientists have a variety of portable imaging tools to assist in their conservation.  Artwork, objects, furniture, sculpture, paintings, photographs, building facades, stonework, rare books and manuscripts are a few of the examples of art that can be imaged with our digital microscopes.  Our tools are designed to have small footprints and be portable so they can be easily accessed in museums, historic buildings,  libraries, universities, or in remote places where artwork is being excavated.  Whether you need to image artwork being stored before transport in a shipping container, or to match paint pigment on the side of a historic building  or remove graffiti from a gargoyle - you can use our portable imaging devices to take still pictures, movies, enhance them, record them with date/time stamps, measure and annotate. Images can be used to match pigments, look under paint layers, check for art damage under paint, or ensure fiber integrity. Proudly made in New Jersey, Zarbeco has been perfecting its portable digital microscopes for artists since 2001.
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