MiScopes are portable digital microscopes which can be used in your lab, classroom or facility, or bring one out in the field, or to a remote location.  A MiScope is powered off the USB port of your laptop, desktop, or mobile device  and can take still and moving images, label, draw-on, measurement. all on the live image. Comes with our Video toolbox PC software and personalized technical support.  Proudly made in New Jersey since 2001.

MiScopes are used all over the world from the Amazon to look at insects, to Middle East countries to look at artwork being stored in shipping containers before transport, to government agencies to look at forensic documents, in Universities to do cutting edge research, to look at the crystallization on the Lincoln Memorial, to Fortune 500 companies to image manufacturing parts for quality control, and even in Museums to examine the stomach contacts of a insect.   MiScopes come with white LEDs, but have multi-spectral options with infrared and ultraviolet to allow the comparison of pigments, inks, and look for security features or latent fingerprints.  We have also developed a range of accessories in response to our customer's requests including travel kits, filter wheels and multiple stand and alternate lighting options. 

The included Video ToolBox PC Software** will allow you to make precision measurements, store multiple calibrations, and document images in a report, or on your website. Upgraded PRO and Premier versions allow for calibrated overlays, optional CAD overlays, as well as side by side comparisons. Our Patented CaliWedge allows for one-button software calibration.  

With its small footprint, micron level image quality and easy to use zoom knob focus with a high and low magnification, the MiScope is often used as a teaching tool or can even be used remotely to project to your colleagues with video conferencing programs or for a webinar. Since it can sit flat on your object whatever the size or shape, it doesn't need a stand and even large irregularly-shaped objects can be easily imaged.  It's budget friendly prices, make it a preferred tool for non-contact imaging preferably to stereoscopes which require multiple users of the same eyepiece. Options include our newest USB 3 version, and our 4K version up to 360x. 



*Apple iPad or iPhone requires optional device. 

*MiTools optional Mac software available on the Mac app store. 

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