Plants/Field Science

Zarbeco manufacturers portable digital microscopes to provide field scientists, botanists and geologists identification tools with lightweight, portable, digital microscopes. A laptop computer is the only power source your digital microscope will need.


Video ToolBox imaging software is included with all Zarbeco products and will allow you to view the live image on your computer screen and capture still pictures or movies which can be emailed or later displayed on a computer projector. Also take measurements of your image, label them, draw on them, and add a date/time stamp.

Looking to see trichomes and broad and russet mites? Best instrument is Miscope MP2 which is our scientific model and can resolve to 2 microns. 

Other options are the MiScope (good for general imaging and insects), MI-HDMI-USB2 (better for seeing some trichomes) , MiScope Megapixel 2 (best for seeing trichomes structure, and mites). If you just want to see a built-in video image on an integrated video monitor and don't need software, best option is MI-HDMI-V5M.


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