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Filter Wheel for MiScope Megapixel MP3 and Megapixel MP4K

  • Portable IR luminescence/fluorescence imaging 
  • Includes built-in blue and UV LEDs 
  • Includes 8 barrier cutoff filters with 490-780nm
  • Includes a stand, LED power supply and 9 volt battery
  • Comes with calibration certificate for filters
  • Has detents to stop at each filter 
  • For use with MiScope Megapixel MP3 and MiScope Megapixel MP4K (not included and must be purchased separately)


Warning: Infrared and Ultraviolet light is harmful.  Do not expose eyes or skin to rays.Wear UV protective eyewear and protective clothing to prevent exposure. 

These units are not recommended for unsupervised use by children.


  • LED Source Wavelengths (nm): 400, 460
  • Filter wavelengths (nm): 490, 550, 565, 610, 670, 700, 760, 780,
  • Weight: Less than 9 oz., including battery