LED-CX Flashlight with holder



Product Details

Our portable specially modified LED Flashlight with double flashlight holder allows portable hands-free side lighting for MiScopes or other digital microscopes. Turn LEDs off on MiScope (MiScope with on/off switch), MiScope Megapixel 2, MiScope Megapixel 3, MiScope Megapixel 2 Extended Field or MiScope Megapixel 3 Extended Field, and use the flashlight for raking light for better texture and colors in an image.  Flashlight has powerful bright white light, and is specially modified for longer and brighter imaging. Comes with AAA battery. 

LED-Xset Flashlight Set: Flashlight  and flashlight holder $75

LED-CX Flashlight only $50

FLH#1 Flashlight holder only $25

FLH#2 Flashlight holder only $25