CaliWedge™ for MiScope MP3, or MP4K (Patent No. 15/062,663)

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CaliWedge™ for MP2 and MP3 is patented One Step software calibration: Comes with CaliWedge and target and Wedge Reader PC Software.

CaliWedge (Patent No. 15/062,663) is the new and easy way to use the included wedge reader PC software for one-button calibration on your MiScope Megapixel 2 and MiScope Megapixel 2EF. 

Calibration, magnification, telecentricity, distortion, field curvature, depth of field, and more are easily obtained. Your accurate calibration has already compensated for lens distortion and will set your MiScope for accurate measurements. 

First place the object you want to measure under your MiScope and focus it using the focus arm. Then, place your CaliWedge in the included holder under your MiScope, and move it until it is in focus on the center of the CaliWedge lines (without moving the focus arm). Then click the wedge button in your Wedge Reader software and your MiScope is now calibrated. Now use your MiScope for measurements of the object you previously focused on and it is calibrated for accurate measurement.

CaliWedge (Patent No. 15/062,663) for MiScope Megapixel 2, Megapixel 3, 2EF, or 3EF: includes Wedge target, Wedge holder, Wedge Reader PC software for one-button calibration. VTB Premier upgrade recommended with edge detection.