TSA microscope set



Product Details

TSA Microscope Set is designed for the microscopic examination of traveler's external records. It includes a digital microscope, VTB PRO PC software, an adjustable stand, 10 ft. cable for USB, 7" HD monitor with stand and AC adapter.

The Set includes:

  • Digital Microscope
  • VTB PRO PC software
  • Adjustable Stand 
  • 10 ft. cable for USB outlet connection
  • HDMI 7" monitor with stand and AC adapter


  • Video output:  HDMI and USB2
  • HDMI frame rate:  1080i @ 60fps
  • USB frame rate:  720p @ 30fps
  • Magnification:  5-145X 
  • Working distance:  0"-7" (0-178 mm)
  • 7" HD Monitor 



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