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Megapixel Pro Set

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Megapixel Pro Set



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      Megapixel Pro Set includes MiScope MP3 with accessories. This premium quality instrument is USB3 powered, resolves to less than 1.7 microns, images 10x-180x, captures video at up to 60 frames per second to image live insects or specimens, has over a 3 Megapixel camera. The MP3 comes with an upgrades Video Toolbox Premier PC software for edge detection, one pixel measurement line movement, side by side comparison and calibrated overlays to compare known samples with live images where you can set your own color/opacity. Camera settings are fully programmable for resolution and lighting settings. Use flat on your sample or use one of the included stands to slide petri dishes or samples underneath for non-contact imaging. Document, analyze, or enhance your samples for identification, measurement, quality inspection, or comparison. 

      Warning: Infrared and Ultraviolet light is harmful.  Do not expose eyes or skin to rays.Wear UV protective eyewear and protective clothing to prevent exposure. 

      These units are not recommended for unsupervised use by children.


      The Set includes:

      • MiScope Megapixel MP3 with white LEDs
      • Premium 7" case with 3 custom trays
      • upgrade to Video ToolBox Premier PC software (with enhanced features including side by side comparison, and calibrated overlays)
      • 11" articulated arm stand with table-edge attachment
      • MPstand for larger field of view and to view 3 dimensional objects.
      • Ushims for variable magnification



      MiScope Megapixel MP3 specifications

      • Image sensor: 1/3" CMOS
      • Pixels: 2304 x 1536
      • Frame rate: 24 frames/second (up to 60 frames/second at HDMI)
      • Power: USB 3.0 port 
      • Working distance- up to 1-inch away from your object with about a 1-1/2 inch field of view.
      • Light source: super-bright white LEDs
      • Resolution: < 1.7 microns
      • Field of view:
        • @10x: 33 x 22 mm
        • @35x: 6 x 9 mm
        • @180x: 2 x 3 mm (1x screen)

        Minimum system requirements:

        • Intel i5 (4th generation or higher)
        • Windows 7/8/10
        • DirectX 8.1 or greater
        • USB 3.0 Port (supports USB 2 port at lower level of performance
        • 2+ GB of Free Memory
        • Video card with 128 MB of video RAM
        • Minimum 1280 x 1024 resolution at 16-bit color 
        • MAC Software optional (MiTools on Mac App Store)

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