TetraCam Digital Microscope



Product Details

The TetraCam Digital Microscope images at 1-40x at up to an 8" x 11" field of view.  It comes with our ZC-203 2 MP digital camera with Video toolbox PRO PC software for capturing still and moving images, time lapse, labelling, draw-on, measurement, enhancement, all on the live image. 

A portable digital video camera system with high-
resolution macro lens on an adjustable stand with fluorescent
lighting and a high intensity LED spot light. Designed 
for portable inspection, the system uses a 2 million pixel 
camera (1600 x 1200 pixels) high sensitivity camera which 
can capture images even underlow-light conditions. Includes 
Video ToolBox PRO software included

ZTC-203 TetraCam with 2 MP USB2 camera

ZTC-203FS TetraCamwith 2 MP USB2 camera  for forensic science with removeable IR filter

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