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It's all about the image!

MiScope Megapixel MP3 (MISC-MP3) 

  • Superior lab quality portable digital microscope
  • Up to 60 frames/second 
  • Over 3 Megapixels
  • Resolution to less than 1.7 microns
  • 10x-180x magnification
  • Connects to the USB 3.0 port of your desktop or laptop computer

For reliable imaging on the go

  Image taken with MiScope   

  Image taken with MiScope MP2  

  Image taken with MiScope MP3  

MI-HDMI-USB2 dual output digital video microscope 

  • 5x-145x at 60fps 
  • Output to HDMI monitor 7" working distance 
  • Includes Video Toolbox PRO PC Software for capturing still and moving images, time lapse, measurement, labeling, draw on features and digital zoom 
  •  Includes compact adjustable stand (shown on optional articulated arm stans
For precision imaging

  Image taken with MI-HDMI-USB2   

  Image taken with MI-HDMI-USB2  

XZM High Resolution Digital Microscope

  • 75 - 900X detent lens 
  • Resolution to 1.7 microns 
  • Parfocal imaging 
  • Built-in epi-illumination and bottom lighting (IR/UV optional) 
  • Manual precision XY positioner 
  • HDMI/USB camera options 
  • Includes Video Toolbox Premier PC software

For high resolution and long working distance

 Image taken with XZM Digital Microscope

 Image taken with XZM Digital Microscope 

Filter Wheel for MiScope Megapixel 2 and Megapixel 3 

  • Portable IR luminescence/fluorescence imaging
  • Includes built-in blue and UV LEDs  
  • 8 barrier cutoff filters with 490-780nm
  • Includes a stand, LED power supply 
  • 9 volt battery
  • Calibration certificate for filters

For portable IR luminescence/fluorescence imaging

Portable WiFi Adapter 

  • For MISC, MISC-MP2, MISC-MP3  
  • Included app allows live view 
  • Capture images and movies

For flexibility on the go


  • Patented One Step software calibration
  • Includes target and Wedge Reader PC Software  
  • For MISC MP2 and MP3
  • Also available for XZM Digital Microscope

For accurate measurements